I Am Tired Waiting On The Phone

"Your call is important to us, but all of our customer service representatives are currently busy, so please wait and we will attend to you shortly."

Sounds familiar? I got that kind of automatic answering machine way too many times, especially when I call up customer service during office hours. Sometimes I get so irritated that I just hang up the phone. The problem is that when I call again, I will get the same experience, and I won’t know how long will be the waiting time.

I just learned today that Elitetele.com has good Phone Systems, one of the systems is called Orderly Call Queuing. When there are too many inbound calls, callers hear a message to stay on hold or call back. If they call back they will regain their place in the queue. Orderly Call Queuing helps to answer more of the callers, slashes abandonment and eliminates time spent waiting on hold, in addition to improving caller satisfaction and agent morale.

Now, I hope every company uses this phone system, so I don’t have to waste my time waiting on the phone.



Jade said...

Yeah I hate waiting also on this customer service hotlines...but I guess it woud take awhile before all companies use this.

By the way- got some Linky Love for being my top dropper last month.