My Little Phone Operator

My 4 year old eldest daughter can now receive a phone call while I am busy. I have never taught her to do it, but somehow she can manage to do it.

It happened about a week ago when I was busy in the kitchen and the phone in the living room was ringing. Actually we put the phone up quite high up, but she managed to reach it and picked up the phone. Then I heard one side conversation: Hello! Mama is in the kitchen. OK. Then followed by: Mama… somebody wants to talk to you!

Then when I came, she handed over the phone to me (a few months before, she refused to give it to me). While I talked on the phone, she was also busy talking on her own toy phone.



Dora said...

Hahaha... your girl is cute! Hi, nice to meet you! I got you from SS.

Firefly said...

LOL while reading this I actually thought you were talking about my little girl LOL
Too cute :)