Place For Creative Designers

If you are a creative designer (web designers, graphic artists, videographers, photographers, artists, architects, illustrators) and are looking for a place to display your work to get some exposure, or if you are not a creative designer but looking for one, then you should hop to is a place for creative media producers to display their works to like minded creative professionals and design studios, while simultaneously encouraging new business connections with professionals looking for the best creative designers. Currently, they have web designers, graphic artists, videographers, photographers, artists, architects, illustrators in their system.

I found the site simple, clean and easy to navigate, as you can see below:

In the past few months has attracted a wide variety of work and a number of quality design businesses listed. Additionally, they also run a monthly feature called the "Designer Spotlight" in which they interview a well known or interesting design group about the industry and their work.

I am not a designer, but sometimes I need one. Not for my personal need, but for my company I work for. Every year, I have to launch at least 1 line of new product. New product means new packaging and new packaging need nice product photos. We do have an in house designer, but sometimes they overloaded with the company’s projects and we need to outsource somewhere else.

This website is extremely useful for me as I can look at their portfolios first before contacting them. If I like what I see then I can contact them directly. They even have the search engine where I can narrow my search by location (we are talking worldwide) or by projects. When you like a particular designer and you want to see their portfolio you just click on it and you can find their portfolio, their website and how to contact them as you can see below.