Parents Must Play An Active Role To Raise The Children

I believe that we, as parents, must play an active role to raise our children and not just leave it to the school. We send our children to school to get an education and also to learn how to socialize with other people. However leaving it to the teacher or school alone is not enough to prepare our children to face the world. We also need to enrich them morally by setting an example of good ethics and behavior. Lately, we read and hear about so many problems which are afflicting our teenager. Some people blame on the environment, and the others blame it on the parents.

It is probably true that we as parents do not spend enough time with them. We are too busy working to get food on the table that we forget to give them other essential “foods”.

I remember that, my parents were very particular about having dinner together on the table. My mother insisted that we MUST have dinner together every day. Even if one of us has other appointment and are late for dinner, the other will have to wait. During dinner it was the time when we shared our experience, our problem, or our victory.

I found a new invented gadget at Life Learning that makes it easier for parents to pass on words of wisdom to their kids on a daily basis. It is just a button that can sit on your desk, beside the coffee pot on the kitchen table or just about anywhere you pass during the day. When the button is pressed, it verbally relays secrets of life and words of wisdom from some of history's greatest achievers, like “You are younger today than you ever will be again. Make use of it for the sake of tomorrow”.

Parents can put this button on their dining table and everyday they can press it to pass on words of wisdom to their children. It gives parents something more to talk about other then the typical "How was your day at school? fine" conversation. It will give something for the children to think about before they go to sleep.