About My Job

I am able to work at home, because all my customers are from overseas. Mostly, I communicate with them by email and by VoIP.

It’s the nature of my work that I can work from anywhere. I can set up my office anywhere. All I need is my laptop, an internet connection and a VoiP and a VoiP phone/headset and I am set to work. If I want, I can even work from any café or any pub as long as they have a WiFi connection.

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Pauline said...

Hi! If it is not too much to ask, what is the nature of your job? I would like to be my own boss too! I am tired of going to the office.

Lauri said...

Hi Pauline, I am an export merchandiser in a household company. My boss allowed me to work from home, because all of my customers are from overseas.