New Non Stick Cookware

I have mentioned before in my previous post that cooking using non-stick cookware can be dangerous for your health if you use high temperatures to cook your food. It is dangerous because the PTFE material on the non-stick cookware can break down when it reaches 500 degree F and it is very bad for your heath if you inhale the fumes from it. You will get flu like symptoms (headache, fever, chills and coughs) from inhaling the fumes. In my opinion as long as there is food in the pan when it is on a hot stove and you don’t let it sit too long on the stove, non-stick cookware is perfectly safe to use.

If you are still concerned about the dangers of using non-stick cookware then there is a new brand of cook-ware out in the market that uses Thermolon as a non stick coating (PTFE free non-stick) called Greenpan. This Greenpan non-stick cookware claims that it can perform at high temperatures without deteriorating. I have yet to try this Greenpan cookware, so I can’t tell you much about it. However, even if I do have it, I will still be unable to test if this new Thermolon coating is free of PTFE. Who knows whether the new material they use to replace PTFE is safe for health. As you know non-stick was invented by Dupont in 1938, and only recently there have been some test results that suggest that it could be dangerous for your health. Thermolon has just been invented therefore I don’t think that any test results about whether its hazardous for health can be published until at few years later.

I'm not saying Thermolon is dangerous. I'm just saying that while teflon is already used for almost 70 years by millions of households and extensively lab-tested as safe, on the other hand we really do not know what material is used in Thermolon. It's just a proprietary mystery ceramic that comes from China.



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