About My Youngest Daughter

My youngest daughter’s behavior is the exact opposite from my eldest daughter. She is a very well behaved girl from the day she was born. She only cries when she is hungry, besides than that she will play by herself on the bed or sleep. She doesn’t even need a pacifier.

When I was pregnant with her, I used to wait for my eldest daughter in her kinder-garden. There was this little girl there that I always liked to observe. She is the same age as my eldest daughter, but she is the class for 5 year olds. I used to wonder how come this little girl is always so calm and ladylike, unlike my eldest daughter who always jumps about or runs around or fight with boys.

Now I am wondering whether my youngest daughter’s good attitude is because I paid too much attention on that little girl and hoped the child in my belly will also turn out to be as well behaved as her.



fiona said...

one does wonder doesn't it? it's the miracle of our body chemistry.. haha.. but i do think it is true.. well, wait till i experience pregnancy then i will share with you.. haha.... i cannot wait to get pregnant but not so soon...