How To Reheat Rice In Microwave

Everyday, there is bound to be some leftover rice in the rice cooker after every meal when we eat at home. Normally I just put the leftover rice in the fridge and microwave it the next morning for breakfast. If reheated correctly, reheated rice can taste just as fresh as when it was newly cooked. The following is the method how I reheat rice in the microwave oven.

How to reheat rice in microwave:

When the rice is taken out from the fridge, the rice will normally be in the form of a lump according to the shape of utensil which you stored it in, and it is also very dry in texture. The lump of rice needs to be broken apart with a fork.

The next step is to pour water onto the rice and mix both the rice and water gently. Don’t use too much water, use just enough to dampen the rice.

Next microwave the rice until it is to the temperature of your liking. If the rice is still very dry, you can add more water and continue to microwave it again.

When it is done correctly, your rice should be as fresh and nice as the hour you cooked it



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