New Sports Social Community

I have never liked to participate in sports activities. Ever since my schooling days when I was younger, I have always tried to avoid any kind of sports activities. However, I don’t mind watching sports telecasts on TV. My favorite sports telecasts are badminton and boxing. At one time, I even tried to pick up badminton however I was not very good at it, so I just gave up.

My husband, on the other hand, likes to watch all type of sport shows. He and his friends always like to talk about sports, especially when it’s the football world cup season. They can have discussions about it for hours about who will win, why, who is playing, and so on.

If you are a sports fan, there is now a new sports social community called Sportsviews. Sportsviews is a 100% free community, created especially to serve sports fans.

Members can discuss any kind of sporting events or issues. They can even create blogs, share videos and pictures. The interesting part about this community is that a member can even create their own gaming or betting circle and challenge others.

When I mentioned that members can bet, it’s not with real money. The money that is used here are some sort of points that you can accumulate as a convenient way of keeping score to see how you rank against other members, so they have no monetary value whatsoever. The points are called “Sportsviews Dollars” or SV$.

SV$ is supposed to be used like real money in the community as you can spend the SV$. You can use it for making acquisitions of players, teams, and more.