Anybody Know How to Back Up?

I am wondering if there is an easy method to back up all of my posts in this blog. I am just afraid that if somehow the blog site has a glitch then all of my posts will be lost.

I know that probably my posts here are worthless for anybody else, but for me they are precious, especially the ones about my children.

I tried to look up the internet on how to back up my posts, but I could not find any easy methods to do it. In the end, I just copied and pasted all of my posts in MS Word.



reanaclaire said...

I would also be like u.. just back up into the pendrive or hard disk. I asked my son, he said the same thing. Lauri, may I ask, how did u get those opps so easily? I really admire u... I have a very tough time getting an opp.. hope u would teach me .. thanks..