Almost 4 Months

Next week my youngest daughter will be 4 months old. She still wakes up several times at night asking for her milk. I know some babies at this age have already begun to sleep for a long stretch of time (six to eight hours) at night, but mine still hasn’t begun yet.

At this age, my baby also loves to reach and touch anyone and anything she can get her hands on. With increasing coordination, she can reach for and pick up things that pique her interest. Whenever I carry her, she always grabs my clothes or sometimes grabs my hair. With the current hair loss stage that I am suffering from at this moment, she always manages to pull out several strands of my hair every time I try to make her release her grip from my hair.




i guess hair loss is natural for new mom.i to had a bad one.i really thought i was going bald.but,i grew back..