My 3.5 Old Months Baby

My baby is already 3.5 months. How time flies so fast. She likes people to talk to her. She will giggle when I talk to her or if I help her to clap hands. She also now develops new habit. She likes to put her index finger inside her mouth and look around her. She specially likes it if I propped her up. I think because in sitting position she can see around her better.

Some babies this age even like trying to "stand." If your baby seems to want to stand up while being held securely on your lap, it means those little leg muscles are probably sturdy enough to explore this new sensation.

I read that at 3 months old baby has gone from being a passive observer of the world to being — or at least wanting to be — an active participant. So, I think it’s time for me to take out all baby toys for her to grab and play.