Custom Made Suit

The first time my husband was satisfied with his suit was the suit that he made for his wedding. It was a made-to-measure suit and it fits him perfectly. Not long after he made this suit, he heard that that the tailor was going to retire and close down his business. When he heard this news, my husband immediately ordered another 3 suits in different styles and colors. Although actually off-the-rack suits prices are much cheaper than made-to-measure suits, but because of his body structure, he found that made-to-measure suits are much more suitable for him.

His favorite style is the 6-button double breasted jacket. He also likes his suits to have a subtle pick stitching lapel, center vent (an element of a traditional American or “Ivy League” look), and surgeon’s cuff (A “custom” detail where the 4 buttons on the cuff are functional). As for the pants, he likes the single pleat pants style with a coin pocket. With all these preferences, it is difficult for him to get any suits from off the rack in stores. The only other way that I can see him buying his "Made to measure" suits with all his particular preferences is to order it from

In you can order your custom suit according to your preference style and details. Since they measure you up to 30 measurements instead of only 3 (suit size, waist size and inseam) you will get a mens’ suit that will fit you perfectly at off-the-rack prices.