Happy 1-Year Blogiversary

Today is my 1-Year Blogiversary! I started this blog a year ago. At that time I was not aware that I was pregnant with my second daughter. Since then I have had almost 9,000 visitors and more than 300 posts. So it’s almost about 1 post per day.

I created this blog after looking at the numerous nice blogs out there. Although English is not my primary language, I always try my best to express my thoughts and opinions in English. This blog is definitely not the best blog around, but I really take pride in it and I think that what I have accomplished so far really exceeded my initial expectation.



daisy said...

happy anniversary to you! keep on blogging! :)

businessfinancenew said...

congratulations for you and i give you ec here

Lauri said...

Thanks Daisy and Businessfinancenew