Milk Rash

My Younger daughter developed a milk rash on her face. I tried using Johnson’s nappy rash cream, but it didn’t work. So, I searched the internet for a remedy for milk rash, and some people suggested the use of Chinese tea. There were some who suggested applying the baby’s own morning on the milk rash. The suggestion also noted that only the morning urine of the baby be used, the method of applying the urine is to rub the wet diaper on the milk rash.

I think I will try the Chinese tea method. I don’t think applying urine on the baby’s face is a good idea.



Shebadoo said...

I wonder if this will also work on my baby's neck rash? Hmmm, will give this a try. Thanks for the tip! :)

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Shebadoo said...

Sorry I gave the wrong link...

The right one is here.

Mama Sheryl