Green Kids

Every day the human race uses up natural resources and produce a lot of waste. We put a great deal of strain on mother earths natural resources, so it’s important for all of us to understand the impact we have on mother earth and learn what we can do to live more eco-friendly lives. Personally I think that we have to teach our children when they are young to live eco-friendly lives so that it will be a lifestyle which they are accustomed to when they grow up.

It’s never too young to teach our children to care about the environment. Giving your children organic foods, toys and clothes is one way to go green. But there's a lot more to raising green kids. You can educate them by reading to your children with books about Earth-friendly topics, making a trip with your kids to the farmers market or you can buy them recycled toys.

Lately my eldest daughter loves to play with her cooking toys. I saw a cute cookware and dining set made from recycled milk jugs which is perfect for her to play and also to educate her about being eco-friendly and to become one of the green kids.