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I breastfed my first daughter until she was 6 months old. My milk flow was not very good after she was 6 months old because I had to go on a business trip for a week and could not breastfeed her.

I breastfed my second daughter until she was 1 month old. I did not know why my breast milk stopped flowing although the first week my milk supply was quite adequate. I think it is because my second daughter preferred to go to sleep than concentrate on feeding.

A few weeks after I stopped breastfeeding, I developed a headache, stomach cramps, felt bloated, and had tremendous mood swings. Yup, you guessing it correctly, I was having my period again.

Some women are very lucky not to have all these PMS symptoms, but I got it. Normally, I just ate some pain killer medicine if I could not stand the pain. However, I recently come across this magnetic therapy product that can reduce or completely eliminate period pain or PMS symptoms.

Besides eliminating period pain, this product is also good for Menopause Symptom Relief, back pain, pain relief, poor circulation, etc.

Over 500 women suffering with menopause were asked to wear this magnetic product called LadyCare continuously for 3 months and they showed an impressive result.

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Magnetic Therapy said...

While many people get different results from this kind of product, it's great that they can help relieve pain in some people. It's definitely preferable to being filled with drugs to ease physical pain.