The first time I celebrated Halloween was in the year 1995, which is the year that I arrived in United States of America as a student. I have never celebrated Halloween and have never witnessed the actual trick or treat custom. I had only seen children trick or treating in movies before this and I have always wanted to participate in a Halloween celebration.

The dormitory that I stayed in was well decorated with Jack O Lanterns and various other Halloween decorations, giving us the feel of the Halloween atmosphere. In front of each door there was a carved pumpkin in the shape of a Jack O Lantern and there was a costume ball celebration at the school’s union hall where everybody was expected to dress up in Halloween costumes. It’s was a very interesting first time experience for me! It was too bad that at that moment I did not have a camera otherwise, I would have snapped a lot of pictures.

A few years ago I designed a Halloween costume for my eldest daughter. I did not want my daughter to wear a very scary costume as I was afraid she would not put it on. I wanted her to wear something cute which was why I designed a lady bug costume for her.

Anyway, this year I decided to just buy one from halloween costume stores. They have a nice selection of costumes that I think is quite suitable for my eldest daughter. As for my baby, I think I will only choose a costume for her next year to participate in Halloween’s trick or treat.