When people first hear the words Pagan or Paganism they tend to think that it means, "Devil worshipping". Actually it's simply a term covering many different religions and belief systems. Paganism is a spiritual way of life and its origins are rooted in the ancient nature religions of the world. Paganism has absolutely nothing to do with Satan, Demons, or Devils. One of the common beliefs and practices in pagan religions is Animism- the belief that natural objects and phenomena possess souls. Animists believe that all things are alive and animated with spirits.

My mother’s eldest sister owns one of the so called pagan items, called a Keris. It is actually a weapon which originated from Java island and it is believed that the Keris has a soul. She got this Keris from her grandfather when she was just a teenager. Normally every Thursday night she would buy some flowers and put them around the Keris. The funny thing is whenever she forgot to do it, an old man always visit her in her dreams. She believes that this old man is the soul of this Keris.

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