Another Childhood Memories

When I was a kid both my parents were working, so during the day I had to stay with my maternal grandparents. They lived in a small village where everybody knows everybody else. My cousins also live nearby, so normally after school we always play together. Sometimes our neighbor’s kids also join in to play with us. Together, we had such a good time playing hide and seek, hopscotch, or anything that we could thing of. If it was raining, we stayed indoors and played cards, monopoly, chess, or bingo. I had so much fun and even until now the memories are still fresh in my mind.

Now I have 2 daughters of my own and I want them to have good childhood memories like I have. Since we are living in a big city, she cannot play outside like I did last time, so most of the time she has to play at home with me (she has to wait for another 2 years before she can play with her sister).

My eldest daughter loves to play games on my laptop. She always asks me whether it is her turn to play whenever I work on my laptop. She especially loves it when I play games together with her. That is why when I heard that Screenlife has a new Disney Bingo DVD videogame, I am considering to get one for my daughter. She just loves Disney cartoon characters, therefore I think this game is perfect for her.

If your kids love to play games, I think you should get one for your kids also. Disney Bingo is available on and for purchase.




Jolly Mom said...

My 1 year old has a coniption every time I open my laptop. He starts excitedly bouncing up and down reaching for me to pick him up. He LOVES to look at pictures of himself and the rest of the family on the computer. Today alone, he has been "on the computer" with me 4-5 is starting to drive me nuts. That said, I take him outside 2 times a day as well.