Progress on My Youngest Daughter Milk Rashes

After applying Chinese tea on my youngest daughter’s milk rash for several days, the rash seems to have dried up, but somehow the skin has become very rough and thick.

In the end, when I went to see the pediatrician for her triple antigen vaccination, I asked the doctor to prescribe a cream for her rash. The doctor prescribed me an Elomet cream (mometasone furoate, Schering – Plough). She said that this cream contains a bit of steroids so I cannot apply more than 14 days successively. I only have to apply a thin layer 1 time a day preferably at night.

She said that it is normal for babies under 1 year old to have rashes or eczema, and they will outgrow all these problems by the time they are 1 year old.

Anyway, I only applied this cream once and the next day the rashes were gone!



Constance said...

my girl also had some rashes when she was less than a year old. after a cream was applied for a few days, she's ok.