Encourage Your Children To Do Chores

I always have a difficult time asking my eldest daughter to take a bath, but once she starts taking a bath she doesn’t want to get out from the bathtub. She loves to play with bubbles.

She is still taking a bath using a small bathtub that she was using since she was a baby. After she is done bathing, she will throw away the water and clean the bathroom floor by herself. She is a very helpful little girl, although sometimes when I am in a hurry I am tempted to do it myself. She also helps me by picking up and keeping her toys and sweeping the floor after she plays with her Play-Doh.

I believe that we can encourage our children to do chores while they are young. Children between the ages of 18 months and four years are actually ripe for learning about household jobs. That's because this age group is so enthusiastic about being like – and being liked by – their parents. Thus it all depend on us as a parent whether we want to nurture their interest in doing chores or not. If you don't introduce the notion that chores are a natural part of family life now, when they're eager and open, you'll have a much harder time enlisting their help when they're older.