Children Memory

Have you ever wandered, at what age will a child start to retain memories in his or her brain? I think I started to retain memories when I was 3 years old as the earliest memories that I can recall dates back to then. Of course I am unable to remember everything, but I can still recall certain moments here and there.

I can still remember that on my 3rd birthday, my aunty brought me and my cousin to have our pictures taken in photo studio. We dressed in kimono costumes to have our photos taken. I remember at that time that I was jealous of my cousin as she looked prettier in her kimono complete with a Japanese hairdo. Although I also wore a kimono but they didn’t bother to prep up my hair in the Japanese style.

You see, my cousin is 5 years older than me, so at that time, she was 8 years old, and at 8 years old her hair was long enough to have a Japanese hairdo. At 3 years old, obviously I could not understand that.

I also remember the time when I got measles. I remember how bad I felt and I wanted my mom to be with me instead of going to work. I begged her not to go to work and how happy I felt when she finally agreed to stay at home with me to take care of me.

Another fond memory I can still recall is being a very naughty girl when I cut my parent’s bed-sheet. I think I was about 4 years old and played with my small scissor on my parent’s bed. My mom already warned me not to cut the bed sheet, but I still remember the urge I had to cut up the bed-sheet. I just wanted to know the feel of cutting up the bed-sheet instead of just normal paper. In the end when I decided to snip a bit of the bed-sheet, my mom suddenly appeared and caught me red-handedly. Although I remember that I only snipped a bit of the bed sheet, but my mom told me in much later years that I actually cut out quite a big piece.

I also remember that my dad has to persuade me to eat all of my food at every meal as I was quite a picky eater when I was small, and my parent’s had quite a hard time trying to feed me.

Oh, how nice to be kid again!



businessfinancenew said...

sometimes i have remain my child think to remember how was i am.and its so happy that i can remain my mind again

Lauri said...

become the kid again is fun, but I also like what I have now