Somebody Break Into My Email Account

In previous post I told you that PayPal limited my account with reason that somebody tried to get into my account. I found out today, that somebody has already got into my email account. They sent hundreds of junk emails using my account. I found out about it because I went to my sent folder and saw all those junk e-mails that I have never sent.

I guess they saw my incoming payment in my inbox folder and tried to get into my PayPal account. Probably they did manage to get in since I used the same password. Luckily, PayPal quickly take action and limited my account otherwise all the money there gone.



reanaclaire said...

hey, that is alarming.. last nite when i read yr post, i quickly transferred the money from the paypal to my credit card. (kiasi) haha.. may i ask, if we dont use paypal, do we have other alternative? Can paypal transfer our money straight to our bank account instead to our credit cards?

MarlyMS said...

oh no! if somebody knows ur passwords they will hack ur emails and paypal account? scared...need to get the money out of paypal now.

Lalaine said...

oh no... this is scary.. i've also read in someones blog about her paypal being hacked... we must be extra careful...but not sure how..:)

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Ailecgee said...

This is truly alarming! Good for you that you didn't lose you money in your paypal acct.

Btw, i hope you don't mind if I reply to reanclaire's query. Yes, you can transfer your money from paypal to your bank account and not to credit card.

reanaclaire said...

thanks ailecgee, i will look into it. i tried to get into your blog but it was not written there in yr profile ..sorry Lauri, using your blog temporarily to get in touch with ailecgee..

Lauri said...

Reanaclaire, you can find ailecee link on my blogroll