Label Maker

When my older daughter started to go to kinder-garden about a year ago, I had to put on a plastic protective cover on all of her books and write her name on it. There were about 20 books that I had to cover and to write her name on all of them, such a chore! Not to mention that I also have to mark her lunch box, her drinking bottle, her bag, shoes, towel, clothes, etc.

She only attends kinder-garden for half a day from 9am to 12pm and has a tea break at 10am and lunch at 12pm before we pick her up. However, the teacher requested me to put a spare set of clothes and a towel in her backpack, in case she might accidently spill something on her clothes.

Although I had already toilet trained my older daughter since she was 2 year old, sometimes, when she is excited while she is doing something, she tends to hold her pee, therefore sometimes she pees in her pants before she can make it to the toilet. That is when the spare clothes come in handy.

This year, I am thinking of buying this very handy gadget called the DYMO Labelmaker. If you click on the link, you will be redirected to their website where you can see the demo there on how convenient it is to use this label maker. Not only can you label books, lunch boxes, and drinking bottles, you can also iron the label onto clothes.



Jesse Tan said...

That's very useful...thank u for sharing...mayb i shd get one for my dotter..

Amber @ RuffleButts said...

I use this for my children's apparel business on a daily basis and love it...there are endless uses for a label maker, and you'd be surprised how organized you feel when you have a printed label on things instead of a hand-written sticker! Great idea for all of your daughters things!!